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This is my second piece of malachite from this shop, and I LOVE it!!  It's so high quality, smooth and shiny!  I feel spoiled every time I order from Erin because I know I'm getting the best of the best in crystals.  It's truly a magical experience.  Another reviewer said she cried when her order was delivered.  I usually get tears in my eyes when I get orders from Erin too.  It may sound silly if you haven't experienced it yet but it really is sacred.  I set time aside to open the boxes so I wont be interrupted.  It has completely raised the bar for everyone else.  And from what I've found, nobody else even compares.  A million thank you's doesn't even begin to express my gratitude.


Oh my Goodness!!  Thank you so much for this beautiful piece!!  She has already been charged in the moonlight!  Your packaging was absolutely stunning and everything that came along with it!  I was so amazed at how much love you put into it!  Especially with the extra bonus gifts of the quartz and the pendant, and the beautiful silk scarf it was wrapped in.  I will definitely be buying from you again, you have such a lovely collection.  Blessings of Love and Light your way!!


I cannot say enough about this seller!  Every order I place comes packaged just beautifully, plus the quality of the crystals are top notch!  Thank you!

Cris S.

Erin, I cried when my order from you was delivered.  I feel like all b-days and x-mas came early.  I love all the little nick-nacks, the necklace and the crystals.  I have longed for someone I could trust that I can buy real time "working" crystals from.  I'm staying with you now.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Erin and her shop.  It's her personal, beautiful, caring touch that makes a world of difference as a seller/shop.  I trust you Erin, yet never met you, I "feel" you are a one in a million kind of seller that makes Etsy as good as it is.  People, please, give Erin and her shop all your Love, you will not be sorry.  


This is a truly amazing piece of purple fluorite.  This has been nothing but the best experience and I cannot wait to buy my next item from here because this company truly cares about their customers and has some of the best specimens I have ever seen listed for sale. I appreciate everything she has done for me with this order, including how well packaged this gorgeous fluorite was!!  I knew when I opened the box she put extra time to make my experience special, including putting rose petals in the box!  I appreciate everything that arrived in the box!


No words can express my gratitude for Erin!  Her Love and Light have made the crystals even more special and sacred ~ touched with the beauty and wonder of Gaia ~ xoxo


This is easily my favorite crystal and gem shop on Etsy!  It was such a delight working with Erin and everything she did made the experience better than expected! From the packaging, delivery time, and communication, she truly cares about her customers and it shows.  Plus, the aqua aura quartz cluster is just gorgeous and is exactly as shown in the pictures.  This is a top notch business and will be ordering again!  Thank you!


OMG. So, so happy!  Exceeded expectiation.  Package arrived fast, when I opened the box a rush of love energy came out (seriously) and it was so beautifully packed I wanted to wait until someone got home so I could share in the joy.  My wife got home and we unpacked it together.  Each piece was carefully wrapped and the box was filled with little flowers and flower petals.  I (we) were blown away.  I spent many hours and deliberated for days over the choosing of this particular piece.  I am so happy that I went with the Crystal Goddess because the piece is perfect and the delivery was more than perfect!


What an amazing and beautiful crystal! It is so special and it felt very special to receive, particularly the way it was wrapped.  It felt like I got a special gift from a very dear friend.  I was deeply touched.  Thank you so much!